Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPad BANNED From Top Universities

Well well, guess what?  Getting a cool new iPad with your tax refund?  Maybe you saved up all those nights in the stacks longing for the apple fanboy's new toy?  Perhaps you managed to sucker mommy and daddy into getting you a new "educational aid"?  Either way, it wont work!

The iPad is getting a lot of hype over supposedly being banned.  This is not the case.  The iPad is not so much getting banned as much as it plain does not work with networks.  The defense in layman's terms of the universities is that the iPad is so complicated that it makes the iPad cannot connect to the network due to security bugs (also data-hogging) and turns this Apple fanboy's wetdream into a $500 paperweight, that is unless you have a lot of offline apps installed :3

While Apple may get some bad rep for this, I think that it is needed to further push the development of a stronger network in order to comply with Moore's law.

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