Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPad BANNED From Top Universities

Well well, guess what?  Getting a cool new iPad with your tax refund?  Maybe you saved up all those nights in the stacks longing for the apple fanboy's new toy?  Perhaps you managed to sucker mommy and daddy into getting you a new "educational aid"?  Either way, it wont work!

The iPad is getting a lot of hype over supposedly being banned.  This is not the case.  The iPad is not so much getting banned as much as it plain does not work with networks.  The defense in layman's terms of the universities is that the iPad is so complicated that it makes the iPad cannot connect to the network due to security bugs (also data-hogging) and turns this Apple fanboy's wetdream into a $500 paperweight, that is unless you have a lot of offline apps installed :3

While Apple may get some bad rep for this, I think that it is needed to further push the development of a stronger network in order to comply with Moore's law.

Wii sensor bar? Just use Candles!

Well, I just pulled out my old Wii.  -snicker-  Wii jokes never get old.  Well, I was shocked to find that my sensor bar was missing.  Well, I was desperate, and I came up with an ingenious solution.  Candles!  No, it is not a myth.  Yes, it does work.

You see, the Wii sensor bar is not a sensor at all.  It is an array of infrared LEDs.  You know what else gives off infrared light?  FIRE!  Your Wiimote actually picks up the radiation, that is all the wiimote is!

So have fun with this little fact, you can use cheap fifty cent candles from Walmart in place of the Wii sensor bar.  Just remember to use two, and place them about a foot apart from each other.

Not to mention, it makes game time very romantic for you gamers in love :3

Manga on the iPad?

One of the iPad's revolutionary new features is its ebook reader and respective store. But as an Otaku, I began thinking, "this iPad is about the perfect size for comic book or manga reading!". Well, it seems that major publishers of graphic novels in Japan and stateside have agreed with me.

With Apple's new ipad combined with the new ibook store, this allows for a much easier sale and distribution of product worldwide. Not to mention its green! Think of all the paper we could be saving by reading manga on an iPad!

"The potential of the iPad is huge. We feel the comic-reading experience is going to be truly awesome."
- Marco Pavia, Associate Publisher; Tokyopop

Iron Wok Jan! For the kitchen otaku out there

Lately, I've been dusting off my old manga collection and reading some of the better novels from my youth. One series has stood out to me the most as of recent, Iron Wok Jan.

Iron Wok Jan, I can remember from my early years in Otakudom was one of my more favorite reads. At the time there we're so many different shounen manga available at the time, but none of them held much of my interest until I came across this gem. The sheer idea of a shounen manga based on competitive cooking was laughable, however I purchased the novel simply out of my own love for cooking. As I delved deeper into the strange theme of culinary shounen, I developed a craving for more. Like a potato chip, I could not have just one. I started buying each one as Borders released it.

As I read every volume, my connection and love for the characters grew with such intensity. It was like reading DBZ combined with Iron Chef and Professional Wrestling. Oh the drama! Oh the delicious tension!

But then there came a time when Borders just stopped selling this precious manga all together, and that is unfortunately where my journey ended with Iron Wok Jan. After re-reading all of the past adventured, I am highly considering picking up this creative culinary shounen manga.

Ugh! Guild Recruitment

Don't you just hate it? You post a raid for your guild all for only one person to show up? You go through the effort of posting it in the first place, making sure that everyone is available, but come raid time, not a soul to be found.

I think its time to find some new guildies.

It's times like this that I wonder why I pay some company in California fifteen dollars a month for this aggravation. I suppose its the stress that keeps me playing. But who knows, maybe ICC might be on tonight.

Also, I want Ruby Sanctum to be out already! I was hoping that today was going to be the new live patch, but alas. Until then I have Cafeworld.